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Guangzhou Aomiao Inflatable Co.,ltd.
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Our factory is covering an area with more than 6000 square meters! You are very welcome to have a visit in our new factory! And we are looking forward to seeing our friends from all over the world!
1.Aomiao Factory
Service is very important for our business, and we are no only selling our products, but also providing the best service to our clients from all over the world!
2.Aomiao Team
We produce our inflatable air continuous products here which includes the inflatable bouncy castles, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacles, inflatable amusement parks and other inflatable products!
3.Inflatable Products Workshop
We produce our inflatable air tight products here which includes the inflatable bubble soccer, inflatable zorb balls, inflatable water balls, inflatable water roller, the inflatable water park games and some other inflatable water games products!
4.Air-Sealed Products Workshop
Our designers will work with you to create the customized inflatables that is right for you. You can order any of our standard inflatables branded to your company through colors and logos or let us help you with a complete new idea. Our art department will work with you from the initial concept design through bringing the inflatable to reality.
5.Free Design Service
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